At Harden Coffee we believe

...that good coffee finds itself in the culinary arts somewhere between dessert and fine wine, a part of the good life. Here, we treat each variety of coffee uniquely, paying attention to the specific flavor and feel. Harden Coffee believes that it’s our job as roasters, baristas and connoisseurs, to find the most favorable notes of every origin and to give our customers the absolute best flavor possible. We don’t want to make just “good” coffee, but we want to bring out the best in each bean, origin and blend.

Harden Coffee is located the beautiful rolling hills of Central Kentucky along the edge of the Green River. Established in 2010, we are a diverse community of family and friends that love the art of crafting an experience—the experience of the good life. Whether it’s coffee or food or wine or bourbon or a night around a fire with friends, we recognize that the best things in life are gifts to be shared, experiences to be elevated.

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